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8:15 PM Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated Thanksgiving today (a day late, but just as tasty). Since we traveled late Wednesday, we though we'd take it easy on Thursday and do all the cooking and preparing on Friday. Actually, I'd highly recommend it. It makes for a pleasant day on Thursday and if you're not into all the shopping and hoopla on Friday, you've got time to do it then! The girls are happy to be here at Nannie and Grammy's, and I think they are excited to have us, although both Nannie and Grammy are under the weather. Both of them visited the doctor today and both came back with a prescription for antiobiotics. Susan is the only person in the house not currently taking an antibiotic (Sophie takes one on Mondays through Wednesdays, so I suppose that should count). It's been a mostly relaxing visit, although Nannie has been pretty much confined to her bed for most of the time. Mary (Grammy) has tried valiantly to take care of lots of things, but she's pretty much run herself ragged at this point.

Both girls have been especially good on this trip. Elisabeth really has matured a lot this fall, she's such a pleasant child to be around. I think she likes that Grammy asks her to help cook and do "grown up" things. In fact, Elisabeth pretty much made the pumpkin pie all by herself yesterday. Sophie's been doing great, although she seems to be getting some sort of rash on her chest. It looks similar to the allergic reaction she had to the Tegaderm several months ago, so we're keeping an eye on it. She'll go to the clinic this coming week for a spinal tap, so we'll be sure to point it out. Of course, it'll probably be gone by then so we'll just have to describe it.

We have a great deal to be thankful for this year--for health, for friends and family. Of course, we could be thankful for these things every year, but we have been extra blessed this year and so we are extra thankful.