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9:00 PM: I was up early for work this morning, and just as I got out of the shower, Sophie wandered in and said she wanted to watch TV. I suggested that she go back to bed and wait until I got dressed. Just as I suspected, she went back to sleep, so I didn't have to worry about entertaining her and getting ready at the same time. Randall took both girls to school (and day care) this morning, and drop off was a little better than it had been on Monday. No tears this time, although she did insist that she wanted her Barbie blanket instead of her Care Bears blanket. Randall snuck in later in the morning and dropped off the Barbie blanket without being seen by her. He wondered how she would react when she saw that he had brought the blanket without saying hi, but he didn't hear anything about it when he picked her up. It sounds like she had a good day, although she insists the only thing she ate for lunch was crackers. Her appetite doesn't seem to be increasing yet, but I'm sure we'll notice it tomorrow. She does seem a little more tired than normal (the steroids really wipe her out in addition to making her crabby and hungry). We are hoping being in day care won't be too tiring for her, since they only take one nap during the day.

Elisabeth gave me a preview of the songs she and her schoolmates will be singing for the school Christmas program. I'm glad she did, because I discovered tonight that I'll be traveling at the time of the program and won't get to see it (I'm flying up to DC for a 1-day meeting on Wednesday next week and will come home late Thursday night). I can't believe November is already gone and December starts tomorrow. Time is just flying!