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8:15 PM I'll post a quick update even though I was up in Durham for half the day (unfortunately I woke up this morning with a migraine and spent the better part of the morning in bed). Sophie continues to be cranky and whiny, which we are attributing to either the flu shot or the steroids. She'll finish up the steroids on Sunday, and the flu shot should be wearing off soon. In any event, we're hoping that she'll perk up and return to her happy-go-lucky self quickly!

Sophie just walked up and asked if I was typing about her (and I am!). I said, "Yes, is there something you want me to type about?" And Sophie said, "type I love you." And I really believe that she does--for those of you who know Sophie well, you can agree that she really is that open-hearted. It's amazing to me how outgoing and loving Sophie is. Maybe she somehow got my sister's extrovert/never-met-a-stranger gene!

Speaking of which, today Elisabeth reminded me that the school awards assembly is tomorrow. I told her that it was on my calendar and that I planned to be there. Elisabeth wanted to know if Sophie was going, and I said that I thought she would. Elisabeth then said, "don't embarass me." When I asked what she meant by that, she said that Sophie's bald head was a little embarassing for her. No doubt. You can't miss that fuzzy noggin. I was wondering how Elisabeth felt about Sophie getting all this noticeable attention, and for the most part she seems to not have noticed, but clearly she does. I ended up talking about Sophie's personality and how since Sophie is so outgoing, people will pay attention to her no matter what, but that lots of people love and care for Elisabeth just as much (even if she does have hair). Well, I'm sure that we'll be sorting through all this sibling stuff for many, many years to come.