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9:25 PM: Sophie had a great day today. She had all kinds of fun with Shatesha, and they spent a fair amount of time on the home computer (while I was working on my laptop from work). She took her nap fairly late in the day (I think she finally fell asleep around 2:30), and that meant she was still asleep when it was time to pick up Elisabeth. She was pretty crabby when she first woke (aren't we all?), but she perked up before too long. After we picked up Elisabeth, we went to Sonic for dinner, and the girls got to play briefly on the play equipment. I should emphasize the "briefly" part, because when it was time to go, Sophie really pitched a fit. I put her in the car anyhow, and as she cried really loudly, I told her she would have to calm down or we would have to stay in the car instead of going inside the studio during Elisabeth's dance class. She cried a bit longer while Elisabeth and I chatted about things. Eventually Sophie calmed down, but I didn't say anything about it in particular. As we drove up to the studio, Sophie said (with cheer in her voice), "Hey mama! I'm not crabby anymore! Talking made me feel better." How observant!

Once Elisabeth was settled in her class, Sophie began entertaining the crowd, and then she asked to go dance in Elisabeth's class. I told her she couldn't, but then I had an idea. The other class that meets at the same time as Elisabeth's is a "pre-dance" class for 3-4 year-olds. I asked the staff whether it would be okay if she gave it a try. (We didn't enroll Sophie in dance class at first, partly because we weren't sure how she would be doing with treatments, but also because we had originally signed Elisabeth up for two classes on Monday nights, and there wasn't a class for Sophie at the same time). Anyhow, she took to it immediately, and the huge smile on my face made me write a check to register her on the spot! She absolutely loved it. I feel really good about it, and the positive comments from the other parents who were watching her really made me beam.