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10:00 PM There really is not much to post. Today we found out that the pharmacy that has been supplying us with most of Sophie's IV maintenance has been changed to another provider, which is not terrible news because we had not been very happy with them. I spoke to a representative from the new pharmacy today and I'm cautiously optimistic that things will go better with them. Honestly, at this point in the process, it cannot be that hard to do a halfway decent job since all that we're expecting of them is to keep us stocked with all of the necessary equipment.

Then again, we're still running around in circles with our insurance and Betsy Johnson (the local ER). It's a very frustrating situation, and I cannot imagine how others deal with these sorts of problems. Susan and I are both determined enough and logic-minded enough to sort through these things, but honestly we're at the end of our rope sometimes.

Sophie is doing great. We'll get a blood count tomorrow to see if the reduced levels of her drugs are keeping her immune system and blood counts at a safe level. She's a total handful (as always), although she does have a nasty cough--can't imagine where she got that from! It seems as if Susan and I are feeling better from our colds, so it's probably time for one of the girls to get sick. Both girls are sleeping in Elisabeth's room again tonight. It seems as if they really have developed a more playful bond in the last month. Of course, they still argue and bicker over the littlest thing, but it's not unusual to hear them giggling and carrying on together.


Hey Randall and Susan. I've just caught up on the last couple of days. I was reflecting on Randall's comments about life as you now know it.
I don't think it's a bad thing that this routine, .... has become routine. It's the life the girls know and understand. You both have made it the best it can be given the circumstances. You're there for them, and they are learning lessons that they wouldn't have learned otherwise. They know now about caring and faith and that there is a lot of love and prayer out there, just for them (and you too). You guys get healthy and know that you're in our thoughts and prayers. Loved the Christmas letter pictures and am excited to learn you've decided on the New Mexico Conference. Keep us posted on churches.