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7:10 PM: We've had a pretty good day. I left early this morning for work so I could get in plenty of hours before leaving to pick up the girls this afternoon. Randall called me on his way in (he has class today) to tell me that he realized after he left that he had Sophie's blanket in the back seat of his car. So he took a little detour and dropped it off at my office. It was nice to see him in person when I hadn't been expecting to. Sophie seems to be feeling well today. I can't tell whether the new medicines are making a difference, but I will say she doesn't seem to be coughing as much, and her teachers didn't point it out the way they usually do.

I just read the above paragraph to Sophie, and she asked for a piece of paper to write a letter to her daddy. This is what she said out loud as she wrote: "Dear Daddy, Please would you leave my blanket at home, so I can find it to be happy. Love, Sophie"

Our good news yesterday focused on me and Randall. Today, it was Elisabeth's day to shine. We got her report card today, and she got all A's (which is good, because she has to maintain all A's to be able to stay in the AG--academically gifted--program). She got her A in math by the skin of her teeth (it was a 93, which is the bottom of the A range). Her teacher says she's just in her own world sometimes. Speaking of teeth, Elisabeth finally lost her loose tooth today. Literally. Several girls in Elisabeth's class pulled their teeth out today, and each girl got a little necklace to keep her tooth in. Elisabeth lost her necklace at some point. Her teacher said she cried and cried about it, and several teachers helped her look for it. Eventually, her teacher wrote a note for Elisabeth to give to the tooth fairy, and that seemed to make her feel better. Whenever Elisabeth loses a tooth, she gets a visit from two tooth fairies. One is Oma (Randall's mom), and the other is the "flying tooth fairy." [I just got off the phone with Oma shortly after I finished writing this update, and she told me that one of Elisabeth's friends--Stevie--who lives in Clarksville near Karin, said she wished we would write more things about Elisabeth on this web site. So, Stevie, I hope today's entry makes you happy! Elisabeth is looking forward to seeing you again on her next visit.]