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9:20 PM: TGIF! I slept well last night, and we didn't miss the bus (one out of four ain't bad?). Sophie slept late this morning--until 8:30. After I dropped her off, I went straight to urgent care (my regular physician is in Durham), and he said I have sinusitis. He prescribed a nasal steroid that I haven't tried before, gave me some strong decongestant samples, and prescribed zithromax and a cough syrup with codeine. I hope that all starts to make a difference soon. The girls and I went into town after I picked them up and ran a few errands and then went out to dinner. Sophie was behaving so badly, I nearly gave up and went home a few times. She was crying a lot over the littlest things, and once she got going, it was hard to keep her from escalating. As usual, funny distractions tended to work, and Elisabeth is very good at making her sister laugh. It also helped a lot when Sophie saw her friend Sara Katherine from daycare. We're looking forward to having Randall home. He will spend the night with his mom tonight and then come home mid-afternoon tomorrow.