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2/27/06 PM

5:50 PM: Our trip to the clinic went fine, and Sophie is at home resting (has been napping for nearly 3 and a half hours!). The doctor said it looks like she has a viral infection (but they gave her antibiotics--go figure!). They said if she has another fever in the next 24 hours to give them a call. We also asked them about a possible exposure to shingles we had while we were traveling (a friend was recovering from it and mentioned it only after he had given me a hug). The doctor said she probably would have shown signs of chicken pox by now if she were going to. They didn't have the blood test results while we were still at the clinic, so we don't know yet how that turned out. They also did a blood culture, so they'll be able to know for sure whether she has any chicken pox virus in her bloodstream.

I have a loaner laptop while my regular one is getting fixed, and when I got it home, I couldn't get it connected to the internet. Over an hour later, tech support at work finally figured out something that seems to work for now. Meanwhile, Randall plans to go to Walmart while Elisabeth is in dance class to see if he can pick up a cheap computer for us to use while we figure out what we want to buy for our permanent home computer. We're thinking a laptop would be a good option, and it sounds like I can get a good discount on one through RTI, but it would probably take a week or two to get delivered, and we need something now. Randall's got an Ash Wednesday service to work on!

Her royal highness is awake finally! I'd better go attend to her.


I hope Sophie is feeling better now.

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. I once had a hal.dll problem that I solved by replacing the file. There was nothing wrong with my hard drive or computer, just needed the replacement file!

Hi, just wanted to say a big congratulations to Randall for his success in New Mexico! It seemed as though it would all go fine, but you never know, and I'm sure it was a big relief to get the good news. So sorry to hear about the computer problems, and the health problems, but I am always amazed at how well you folks are able to take things in stride. You are a good example of grace! Best wishes to all of you, and wishing you improved health soon.