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9:00 PM Today has been a good day. Susan left this morning for her dental appointment and to take care of some other errands. Elisabeth and Sophie were (mostly) in cheerful moods, and I got them dropped off/shipped off with little resistance. Sophie has been in such a pleasant mood, I know she's feeling better. Susan seems to be improving somewhat, although she is still coughing a fair amount. Unfortunately, it looks as if Elisabeth might be next up for this nasty virus. She complained throughout the day at school about a sore throat, but she never ran a temperature. I stopped by school around lunchtime to check on her and I gave her some Motrin, which seemed to help. We agreed that she should stay in school and finish the day, but that she would get to be a "car rider" (as opposed to a "bus rider" or an after-school kid). I picked Elisabeth up around 3:00 and we went to Benson, NC, which is the nearest Post Office where I can submit the paperwork for a passport--my old passport had long since expired and I need to get one for the South Africa pilgrimage this summer. After that, we came home and she rode around on her bike until the rain drove her inside. Sophie had a bath and dressing change tonight while Elisabeth and I were at dance class. I hear that the dressing change went very well, with no crying this time. Either she is getting more accustomed to the process (again) or the anti-allergy medicine she takes every night is helping. More than a year into this process and it is all becoming so ho-hum!