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9:25 PM We're trying to wind down after a full day. Susan and I stayed home today, which was nice. We visited a member of the congregation who just had surgery today. It's nice when Susan is able to visit with me. This afternoon, Elisabeth rode the bus home and spend the better part of the afternoon riding her bike in the driveway. Later, she asked if she could visit our neighbor across the road (who happens to work in the lunch room at Elisabeth's school). I finally gave in and we visited for a while. Our neighbor's granddaughter was over there, and since she's in the 3rd grade, the girls got along pretty well. Elisabeth actually stayed there while Susan and I went to fetch Sophie. Sophie seemed to have a good day at school. She was very, very cheerful when we picked her up. We stayed home for dinner (believe it or not) and had a nice, quiet evening at home together.