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10:15 PM: Wondering where we've been? Everything's fine--just busy and not that much to report. We've spent a lot of time catching up from being away for a week. Our weekend was filled with birthday parties (and it was my mom's birthday too!). We finally got to have our regular "date night" Sunday night, and the girls stayed with Sylvia and James from church (they're regular readers, so I have to say hi and thanks to them!). The girls loved being at their house and playing with their grandson's toys. I'm not sure the girls were all that happy to see us when we picked them up.

The girls are having a great week. We signed them up for a summer camp together--"Down on the Farm." Each morning we drop them off in Fayetteville, and they take a bus to a farm, where they play with and take of animals, go swimming (Sophie wades and tries to keep her chest dressing dry), and just generally have fun. Elisabeth found a friend who is her age, and Sophie tends to hang out with the "teachers." On the first day, Elisabeth was a little bit nervous about how things would be (and did a great job of expressing her concerns). Sophie marched right up to anyone who would listen and bagen with her usual, "My name is Sophie. I'm 4 and my sister is 7" speech. I think the only thing that intimidates her at the moment is escalators (which made our trips to the airport a little challenging!).

I've had to go in every day this week, so Randall has been dropping them off and picking them up and has had some great conversations with them. Yesterday, they were listening to the radio, and the song "I Want to be Sedated" by the Ramones came on. It's pretty catchy (and repetitive), so the girls were singing along, when Sophie asked "what does 'sedated' mean?" Randall explained it to her and then talked about how she gets sedated for her spinal taps and told her that one time, a teenage girl at the clinic was singing that after she woke up. I wonder if she remembers it. It's amazing to us the things we talk about with her and how grown-up she has had to be about some things. How many four-year-olds know about sedation?

Randall will go to the North Carolina United Methodist annual conference down in Greenville tomorrow morning through Saturday. I have to attend a training at work Thursday and Friday, so we arranged for the girls to stay with Bob and Patti Wednesday night through Saturday morning. It sounds like the girls would like to finish going to camp, so I think Bob and Patti will take them to Fayetteville for us. What good friends we have!


It's so wonderful to read that all is going so well. The girls sound just wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life experiences. Hugs all around.