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9:45 PM: It's been a while since we have posted an update, I see. There's not that much news to report, I guess. Elisabeth was home all week, and that worked out just fine. Randall and Elisabeth finally got to go to the beach on Wednesday (I worked at home and Sophie went to Countryside). The biggest excitement that day was that we had a huge thunderstorm, and the lightning knocked out the electricity to the house in the afternoon. Although my laptop runs on a battery, the wireless router runs on electricity, so I couldn't do much for the rest of the day. I read for a while, and then when the power finally came back on, I made lasagne for dinner (the kids both loved it!).

This afternoon we went to Fayetteville to do some shopping. We decided to get some little clips for the sides of Sophie's hair. It's so curly (and getting longer) that it sticks out on the sides. She was excited about picking those out. The kids were kind of driving us crazy today, but they seemed to enjoy the outing. What we've really been looking forward to is that Sophie's friend from Countryside, Tamar, and her family came to visit us tonight for dinner. Tamar turned 4 at the beginning of June, so they're very close in age, and they are best buddies at school. Sometimes they cry when they have to leave each other. She has a 15-month old little brother, and her parents are very nice, and they live just up the road from us. I suspect we'll be getting together with them again. Tamar's mom grew up around here, so she knew the history of some of the houses and families we've been curious about.

We've got a busy week coming up. We have Vacation Bible School at church every night Sunday-Wednesday night. Sophie goes to the clinic for treatment (chemo through a spinal tap, plus an injection in her catheter). I'll be busy at work trying to wrap things up before we go on vacation the following week to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.