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10:30 PM: Sophie and I decided to come home today. For one thing, we were out of clothes, and mom sent us home with laundry (she just has a small washing machine, so we can handle more stuff for her). It was hard to leave. Depending on how Nannie does, we may head back up fairly soon, and I can just come down to get Elisabeth on Saturday and go back up. I haven't talked to Elisabeth today, but I did hear a couple of times from Randall. They have been very busy on their trip, and he sounds pretty wiped out, but it sounds like it's worth it. Tomorrow will be another very long day for him, but we have plans to talk at 5:00 (11:00 his time).

On my way back from Virginia, I decided to stop by to visit our friends Melissa and D'Angelos (T'yanna's parents). I hadn't had a chance to speak with them directly since the funeral. Melissa wasn't there, but I had a nice talk with D. He told me he had done a web search for T'yanna's name and found Sophie's web site. He very much appreciates everyone's prayers and support. Things are still very hard for them, but they're doing pretty well. I let him know when we had Sophie signed up for dance class, and he said they would try to put Madison in the same class. I would love to have the opportunity to see them every week.

I'll continue to check in as often as I can.