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11:00 PM: Just a quick post to say that we all had a happy day at home. Elisabeth actually went to Countryside today (they had space available for elementary-age kids out of school for the winter break). Sophie played and danced all day and seemed to feel well. She coughs sometimes during the night, but she hasn't had any fevers. She doesn't mind taking the antibiotics in capsule form at all (it helps that they are a very pretty bluish green). She's also thrilled to be taking a break from chemo, because it means she doesn't have to stop eating at 7:00 (one of the pills she takes at bedtime has to be taken on an empty stomach). The girls have been so happy to be reunited. They definitely still argue and fight like all sisters, but they are having such a good time. We are all so relieved to be at home together. I can't believe Christmas is only 4 days away. Mom comes tomorrow through Christmas day (not long enough, but we'll take what we can get).


Yea-I'm glad you're all home. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Enchantment says hola!

Merry Christmas - a few days early. You may have heard that Denver had a blizzard! We did, it was wonderful, two days of being snowed in (more or less). I didn't check email during that time, so wasn't aware of the stresses of the hospital. I am so sorry you all had to live through that. Blessing to all of you. Love Jean and the boys.