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8:50: Sophie has recovered nicely from the flu, and her doctors wanted her to come in to Chapel Hill for a blood test sometime this week to make sure her counts are okay. I was going to take her on Thursday, but yesterday she was throwing up all afternoon, so they want us to bring her today. So I'm headed up to Chapel Hill with her shortly. She says she is going to be brave and isn't going to cry when they draw blood. If it goes as well as it did in the ER, the clinic staff will be impressed!

She says she wants to say something, so I'm going to tell her what letters to type when she tells me what she wants to say: "i am very good at the clinic. i love the people at clinic."

I'll check in and let everyone know how things went when we get home.


Exellent typing Sophie and Mom. We have our fingers crossed for good numbers at the clinic. Your pictures in the snow were very cute -- we hope you enjoyed the snow.
Jean and the boys

Your blog is really interesting. Best of luck with your current treatment. Pupils at my school are reading your blog so you may get some comments from you.