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11:17 PM Just a quick post because it has been a while. We had a good visit in Albuquerque with our friends Barbara and Jeremy (and Jacquelyn and Jacob), who kept Elisabeth for the week. Unfortunately, Elisabeth was not feeling well part of the time, so it wasn't as enjoyable (for everyone) as we had all hoped. Susan and I celebrated our anniversary by going out with the McRae's to our favorite New Mexican restaurant (Sadie's). We really enjoyed that!

Things are going well here. Everyone keeps asking if we're settled, and I think we are, although there are no pictures on the wall (yet) and we unpacked a couple more boxes (books for the girls' room) today. As Susan said today, we'll be unpacking boxes for a long time, but we are indeed settled. We're so settled, in fact, that we're busy doing other things and ignoring the boxes that probably should get unpacked (and the pictures that probably should go on the walls).

Our big excitement this week (other than Vacation Bible School) is that Sophie goes for follow-up (her first one) on Tuesday. We've been looking forward to this for some time, but it kind of creeped up on us here at the end. We've been talking to Sophie about it, and when we finally got the appointment made, her first question was whether or not the doctors would be "good" or "bad" at this new place. Of course they're going to be good, I told her. We're hoping and praying for a good experience and a good report. I'll be curious to hear how Sophie's immune system is doing off of treatment. For the most part, we go about our business, but I guess the specter of a relapse will continue to follow us around for a while. While that does give me pause, we're confident that all shall be well.

Thanks for keeping up with us. It's nice to know that so many folks from all over (and so many from our new congregation) are checking in from time to time!


Ello everyone, I am glad to hear that ya'll are doing great. I hope Sophie's check-up goes well too. I am sure it will. Sophie is a trooper and the doctors should be good. Daphne has been doing well. She likes to stand up. Aselin is gong to the doctor Tuesday. Her hair is starting to fall out and we can't figure out why. She has a small bald spot on the top of her hair. Just pray nothing serious is wrong. Give Sophie and Elisabeth hugs. Mary Kathleen says hey Sophie. Love always, Jana