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6:20 PM (Central time): If you are visiting this blog because you heard a news story about a little girl named Sophie who has leukemia and received a death threat on her blog, you've come to the wrong blog. The Sophie you have heard about is 9 years old, lives in England, and her web site is here: http://www.codebrush.com/sophie/. Here is the news story, in case you haven't heard about it and wonder what we are talking about: BBC News story. We figured out what the confusion was when we started getting messages of support from people that didn't make sense to us (we haven't been on BBC News!) and did a google search for "Sophie cancer". We hope this unwanted attention dies down soon for our friend Sophie from across the pond, and we certainly wish her well as she continues treatment.

No big news from this Sophie. She came home sick from school today, having thrown up. She spent the afternoon napping, and we hope she will be fully recovered tomorrow so she can go to kindergarten and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast they have planned.