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4:04 PM (CST) Well, it has been a while since I posted. Things are going well. By way of making up for lost time, here are some photos from weeks (months) past:

This is a shot of the girls on Halloween (Clifford and Scooby).

Elisabeth's Solar System project--she had some help, but we all had fun planning it and making it!

Sophie occasionally takes a nap in our bed--this is usually the result (a kitty pile-up).

The Farwell Kindergartners had a Thanksgiving "Feast" last week. This is Sophie hamming it up.

Our new kitty (Felix) seems to be making himself right at home--not so sure how the others feel about it!


What great pictures! Felix has grown so much since I was there in October. Hope you are all doing all right.
Much love ... Mary

Susan - Great pictures! The kitty pileup made me giggle. :-) Love the Halloween picture, too!

Thanks so much for posting the pictures. The kitty pileup picture is so adorable! It reminds me of some times at my house (although we only have 2, so it's not as cute looking). So glad that things are continuing to go well with Sophie's health, and for your family in general. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, and a happy holiday season.