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9:40 CST: Randall is now on his third of three trips, and this one has been a bear. His flight to Dallas was delayed, and then he found out in Dallas that hsi flight to Little Rock was cancelled. He got rerouted to a different airport, which meant that his pre-paid rental car at the original airport did him no good (and he lost that money). No rental cars available at the new airport, so he took a shuttle. There is still no sign of his luggage, so after wearing yesterday's clothes all day today, he is headed to Walmart to buy necessities (and a new suitcase).

Meanwhile, I've come down with bronchitis and am really having trouble with my lungs. I have asthma, so i can usually take an inhaler, but I'm also having some issues with tachycardia (looking into that with a cardiologist, and we think it's getting under control), so the albuterol isn't really a good option right now. After two shots in a place I won't mention, and several prescriptions, I'm hoping I'm going to be feeling better soon.

The girls are well. As reported on facebook, yesterday I dealt with one child who lied about being sick so she could come home from school early (Lizzy, who didn't feel well, but she wasn't that bad), and another child who apparently has a boyfriend (Sophie, who came home yesterday and drew a picture of a boy named Trace).

Until next time,