This web site contains very basic instructions for using graphics and images in web documents. It is directed toward beginners, and contains easy to understand language without a lot of jargon and technical terminology.

I created this web site in response to numerous e-mails I received requesting my help with images. These people wanted to learn the basics but couldn't find the information they were looking for. In order to save myself some time, I placed answers to questions online and sent people to the web site as similar questions came in. Anyone who finds this information useful is welcome to create a link here. You may find it cuts down on your e-mail!

This information was originally compiled in 1996, and technology has come a long way since then. Some information may be outdated, but some is still relevant. I hope you will find it useful.

Topics covered in this document:

How to Find Images
Where to look for images (on web sites and in archives). Includes a section on copyright information.
How to Download Images
Detailed instructions on downloading images with a web browser. Includes a section about the importance of downloading rather than pointing to a remote location.
How to Download Background Images
Describes how to download a background image directly from a web page when it is not provided as part of an archive.
HTML Codes for Including Images
The basics of the <IMG> tag. Includes pointers to HTML help pages and a discussion of the ALT attribute.
How to Determine and Specify Image Size
A further discussion of the <IMG> tag. Discusses techniques for determining the size of a graphic image and includes information and rationales for specifying image sizes on web documents.
How to Modify Image Sizes
Describes several procedures for using preview "thumbnail" images on web documents.

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