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Tuesday (2/8/05)

We had a successful trip to the clinic with Sophie. Randall felt well enough on Monday afternoon to accompany Susan on the trip. We took her in to the clinic to have her blood tested, and then we went to a friend's house to spend the night. She's a mom of two-year-old twins, so she had all kinds of food and snacks of interest to Sophie. Susan started to feel pretty queasy during the night, so Randall took care of Sophie during her middle-of-the-night requests for food and TV.

We got up in the morning and drove to the clinic to check in. Because Sophie is just coming off of steroids (and is unusually hungry), they did her bone marrow biopsy (with anesthesia) early--she was one of the first procedures of the day. She came out of anesthesia fairly quickly and wanted yogurt right away. We waited a while longer while they ran the chemo through. While we were waiting, we met a very nice couple and their son who is just a few weeks older than Sophie and was first diagnosed with ALL back in September. It was helpful to hear about their experiences.

Dr. Gold called a few hours after we got home and said that the biopsy showed that she has 2% blasts present in her marrow. That's down from 40% last week and approximately 90% when she was first diagnosed. We're still not sure what this means in terms of the length and intensity of her treatment, which depends on the bone marrow results at days 7, 14, and 28.

Sophie was very happy to be home and was very cheerful as we pulled into the driveway. She was also happy to be able to finally get some "Dora soup." Her new food discovery last night was american cheese dipped in peanut butter(!).