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4/1/05 2:30

2:30 PM: We're having a good April Fools Day. Sophie did wake up a bit on the crabby side and seemed tired. She asked for the "bucket" once (to throw up in) but didn't need to use it. Later in the morning, she and Elisabeth did lots of dancing and looked so cute. Elisabeth and I went out to lunch and did a quick grocery trip while Sophie played with Grammy. Sophie is finally taking a much-needed nap. Randall is at school today and just finished taking an exam he spent lots of time studying for. This afternoon, he's preparing a sermon he will preach in class next week at the Duke Divinity School.

Yesterday's amusing comment from Sophie came when we told her she needed to take her Miralax (no poop for the last 2 days), and she said, "I'm sleepy of the Miralax!" Don't sleepy and tired mean the same thing? Out of the mouths of babes....


How cute!! Glad to hear that Sophie is feeling well enough to dance. There's nothing like being spoiled by your Grammy. Hope Randall's exam went well. Take and care, we will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Annette Sills