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4:30 PM (Susan posting): Another good day. Even without help, I got a lot of work done today (and Sophie watched too much TV, unfortunately, but it's a temporary situation!). I've been feeling very patient with her in general, but I find it very challenging when she flies off the handle when something doesn't go her way. So, taking a cue from Nanny 911 (or is it Super Nanny?), I warned Sophie after the first time she overreacted today that if she yelled at me again, I was going to put her in the naughty chair. She did it again, of course (after all, it's very frustrating when the baby stroller won't go in the right direction), so we went to the naughty chair. She thought it was all very fun until I turned off the TV. She cried the whole time (but stayed in the chair) until the timer went off. Then I pulled her into my lap, explained why she was there and asked for an apology. She said she understood and said she was sorry. She has started to get upset about other things a couple of times today, but I tell her she doesn't want to go to the naughty chair, and she pulls herself together. Amazing!

I've talked to Randall a few times today. He's really enjoying his time in New Mexico, reconnecting with old friends and future colleaugues. He said he's tried to call Elisabeth a few times today, but they msut be out doing something fun.

Sophie just woke up from a 3-hour nap, and I think we're going to go into town to pick up a refill on some of her medicine and pick up a few other things we need. Perhaps a trip to Cracker Barrel is in order! Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments, especially while we're all by ourselves.