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6/2/05 PM

11:45 PM (Susan posting): What a long (and productive) day it has been. Having help with Sophie today was wonderful. Sophie had a great time with Megan, and I got lots of work done (though not enough, since I just now finished working on an article we want to submit tomorrow). Sophie is doing really well--still no side effects so far. We skipped her nap today, and she went to bed pretty easily tonight. We had dinner tonight with friends from church, and I attended a women's meeting for the church while the dad watched Sophie, who had lots of fun playing with their kids (thanks Wayne and Erika!).

Randall is having a wonderful time reconnecting with people in New Mexico. Elisabeth is also having a great visit. There was a big disappointment last night, when they discovered that the circus tickets they thought they had purchased for tonight were actually for yesterday's show. Apparently, she took that news pretty hard, but they were hoping to exchange the tickets today. I haven't heard whether that was successful. I miss them both very much, but it's also nice to have so much time to focus on nothing but Sophie.