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9:00 PM (Susan posting): Another long day is behind us. Going in to work four days this week was hard on me (and hard on the ones at home). It didn't help that it was often accompanied by tooth and gum pain. It's feeling much better today now that my gums are less swollen.

Tonight after dinner, we watched the movie Ice Age. Randall and I had seen a preview for Ice Age 2 in the theater and thought it was hilarious, so we decided to rent the original movie for the girls. Elisabeth was crying her eyes out during the sad part near the end (of course, everything works out, so she got over it). She is so tender-hearted--it's very sweet.

Elisabeth is so excited about visiting her Oma tomorrow. Sophie and I will take her to the airport while Randall has some time to himself to work on his sermon. It's going to feel so different without Elisabeth here. Having just one kid to look after will be very helpful when I travel to Seattle later in the week (for work), but we sure will miss her. Sophie is old enough now to miss her too.


Wow! Are you saying that Elisabeth is going to fly unaccompanied minor? That's a big step!

I hope that you will have a good weekend...

By the way, I really like the photo of you and sophie at the clinic. Thanks for posting it.