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9:00 PM: We finally got through today. Randall woke up with a terrible migraine headache (with nausea) this morning, took four ibuprofin and went back to bed until a half hour before we had to leave for church. He was still feeling pretty crummy during the service, but he said his adrenalin kicked in, so it wasn't too bad. Since we had both missed church last week (him camping, me going to my mom's church in VA), it was good to see our friends.

We went out to lunch after church (the noise was hard on Randall), and then we spent the next hour getting all the paperwork ready and copied for the meeting. The meeting went well, and it wasn't long before his headache went away. While he was gone (and for a while after he came back) I did some more work (different report this time), and then we went out to dinner and grocery shopping. Our babysitter cancelled, so date night turned into family night. The girls are in bed now, not a moment too soon. We really could use some child-free time tonight!

I realized tonight that I've gotten so used to Sophie being bald that I don't really think about it or watch for reactions form strangers when we're out in public. I never thought that would happen. Tomorrow the home health nurse will come to draw blood, and we'll find out whether she's ready to start the fifth and final round of treatment. We're very curious to see what the results will be.


i hope everything goes well ((hugs))