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8:20 PM: It's been a busy week, but I tried not to have a busy day. Randall and Elisabeth were at school today (Randall is out late at a dinner for a church function). I worked while Shatesha was here (and a little longer), but then I took a nap with Sophie. That felt so good (except when the phone rang (twice) and the cats howled (more times than I can count)). My grandmother is still in the hospital. Mom thinks she'll be released in the morning, and they should start hearing results from some of the tests. They didn't have a private room this time, and I know they'll be glad to get home. I wish I could be there to help.


Hope you have a nice weekend, and I hope that you receive good news about your grandmother. I 'm sure you would like to be able to help them out and maybe everything will soon be better for all.Please tell Sophie that Madelyn will soon be moving over to the 3's and we hope to see her at school soon.Congrats to Ms Elisabeth for making the paper!! I read the cutest but very realistic statement just the other day/ Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope-a slight change, and all patterns alter. Isn't it amazing how God helps us to cope,to wait, to bend, stretch, give and take when it is necessary and sometimes just allows us to stand!!! Blessings to all, love and prayers Deanna