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9:40 PM: I've felt a little down today. I often do on Saturdays. Randall and Elisabeth went to the UNC football game today with a big group of people from church. I'm not a huge sports fan, so it wan't a huge deal that Sophie and I couldn't go, but we were both a little sad when they left and were gone all day. We had our own fun though, when we went out to buy our pumpkins (and some mums). Sophie wore a very cute halloween outfit she got last year, and she had a wonderful time. She took a long (3 hour) nap when we got home, and she woke up just before Randall and Elisabeth got home. Elisabeth was in a rotten mood, although it got better by the time we finished dinner. Once the girls were settled in bed, Randall worked on his sermon, and I went down the road to pick up the coffee cup Randall had left in the church van. I had a nice long talk with our friends. I just arrived home, and Randall is practicing his sermon. We're going to go ahead and take Sophie to church with us tomorrow. It's a small church, and her counts are probably higher now than they were last Sunday (the day before her ANC was tested at 0.1). I really hope our baby sitter doesn't cancel for tomorrow. With the hectic week we've had, we could really use a nice quiet dinner on our own (and the wonderful time we spend talking on the way to Fayettevlle and back).

As you all are probably aware, Sophie has finally lost her hair. She did, however, have one long hair that hadn't fallen out. I had become quite fond of that one hair (and enjoyed telling people that she has exactly one hair left), but yesterday when I got home from work and looked for it, it was gone. She has plenty of little hairs (some blond and fine, others dark and coarse), but somehow the loss of that one hair was significant to me.

Among the good things today (in addition to the trip to get pumpkins), I heard from two good friends today, and that was nice (hi Greg and Aunt Lora!). It's nice to hear that people keep up with us here on Sophie's web site and that we continue to be in their prayers, even after all this time. Yesterday marked exactly nine months since Sophie was diagnosed. What an amazing journey it has been.


Hi Sweetie....

I just got up, having heard Mom being restless. She used the bedpan, and still seemed not very comfortable. I heard Kitty Supreme outside, so let him in. She watched him dash into the living room, dash into her room and up onto the bed, dash over to me for some petting, and dash into the kitchen for some food. All this dashing made her laugh out loud, and then she settled down and went to sleep. He'll get some extra petting for being such a good nurse.

I hope today will be a good one for you.

I love you all!