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9:45 PM This has been a very long day, and I'm afraid it'll be even longer yet--I have a paper due tomorrow and (surprise!) I'm still working on it. This morning started early. I had to lead a devotion for the Bible Club at the local high school. After that, I headed off to church for our weekly pastors' group meeting. Susan stayed home to finish packing and left mid-morning for her conference. This afternoon, while Sophie (briefly) napped, I worked on my paper. Elisabeth and Sophie have both been particularly needy because their mom isn't around. In fact, Elisabeth has been sniffling this evening and I suspect she may be coming down with a cold. Hopefully Sophie's immune system can handle whatever exposure she's getting.

I've heard from Susan at least twice today and she made it to her conference okay. I'm sure she's finding it intellectually and professionally stimulating, but I'm also sure that she misses us here at home! Saturday is a long ways off and not that far off all at the same time.

Sophie just came into the office grinning carrying two books and looking all sheepish. It's 9:40 at night and she did not get a long nap today!

I spoke with the clinic and we're upping Sophie's dosage of the anti-clotting agent (Heparin) that we administer three times a week. Hopefully that will keep the line clear. I also asked if we could administer the TPA ourselves, but that was an instant no-go. TPA is heavily regulated and it can only be administered so that it stays inside the catheter. If it gets into Sophie's bloodstream, it can cause serious damage. In light of that, I'm glad we need professional help to do that (although, we have administered chemotherapy ourselves).

Tonight's "cute Sophie" report: This afternoon, Sophie was snacking on Apple Jacks and sausage (don't ask--if Sophie wants something to eat, Sophie pretty much gets something to eat). When it came time to go pick up Elisabeth at after school care, Sophie picked up her little rubbermaid cup with sausage in the bottom, added some Apple Jacks on top and carried them in the minivan all the way to school--with a coaster on top to serve as a "lid." When we got to school, Sophie carried her snack inside and gave the entire thing, coaster and all, to Ms. Lee, the after school care teacher! She sure is generous.


Just wanted to let you know I had "Clifford" soup last night and thought of you all with every bite! Am having the leftover for lunch today and will send up a special prayer when I heat it in the microwave.