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10:15 PM Today has been a very full day, if an uneventful one. I quit working on my paper about midnight last night and finished it up this morning (it was due late morning, so, once again, under the wire). I did not sleep well last night and there was a fair amount of getting up (with Elisabeth, then with Sophie). None of us sleeps well when Susan is gone! I used some of the adrenaline from getting the paper done to straighten up the office, pay bills and tend to several pieces of paperwork that I have been avoiding. It was a very productive day all around.

Elisabeth and Sophie had a great day. They played together outside this evening while I got dinner prepared. I enjoyed peeking out the window every now and then and catching them playing in the driveway and the yard. Dinner went well, considering it was just the three of us.

There really isn't too much that is spectacular to report today, although Sophie did insist on taking something else to Ms. Lee this afternoon! She must think Ms. Lee doesn't get enough to eat or something.


Sounds like you guys are rather busy these days. Hope Susan's business trip is successful and she returns safely. Randall it sounds like you are holding things together at home and are anticipating Susan's return just as the girls are.Sophie is really generous these days!! Hope you all have a great weekend. Love and Prayers Deanna Tew