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6:15 PM I'll post a quick entry before our evening activities begin. Elisabeth and Sophie went to Countryside together today (Elisabeth was so excited). Susan and I both worked at home today, getting all sorts of things done (I think Susan had a more productive day than I did, but there you go). Tonight, we'll be setting up the tree and otherwise getting the holiday decorations prepared at church. Afterwards, we're going to pile into the car and head up to Mary and Nannie's for Thanksgiving. I read in the paper this morning that traffic is going to be especially bad (which I had never even considered--you mean other people travel on Thanksgiving, too?), and the paper suggested that folks either travel later this evening or early in the morning. I would rather not do mornings, so we'll head out around 8:00 or 8:30 tonight and roll in around midnight or 1:00 am. It'll be nice to wake up there on Thanksgiving morning rather than have to fight traffic to get there. This way, we'll be able to help with all the preparations as well. As it is, we'll all be swapping germs anyway. Both girls have a cough/runny nose, Elisabeth and I are on antibiotics, Mary has a nasty cold, and Nannie has not been feeling well. Surprisingly enough, Susan is probably the healthiest of the bunch! We'll return Saturday afternoon/early evening so that I can be back for worship on Sunday morning.