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10:05 PM Today has been an exhausting day for all of us, I think. Susan reached her limit of being a single parent, and I don't doubt it! I flew back home mid-afternoon and was very nearly exhausted by the time I got home. I met Susan and the girls for dinner in town and drove back with both girls while Susan enjoyed some time to herself. She ended up going to bed while I got the girls bathed and let them play so that I could get ready for worship in the morning. I had a good trip and as always, it is good to be home, but, as always, there is always so much to come home to. It does not help that the head cold I've been nursing all week seems to have settled into my throat. Every now and then I get a case of laryngitis after a cold and I fear this may be where I'm heading. I hope it'll hold off until after tomorrow.

It's been great seeing the girls again--Sophie's hair has really grown and I don't know if it's just me, but the girls seem to be having an especially good time with each other. I wish I could record the two of them laughing together and post it on the blog sometime. I wonder if there is anything more satisfying or heart warming than to hear your children laugh.

Spending time with folks (friends and friends of the family) that I haven't seen in a long time meant a lot of re-telling our story with Sophie and her treatment and diagnosis. I forget sometimes how touch-and-go this past year has been and how dreadful the cancer and the treatment are. We, or at least I, almost take our situation for granted some times, not realizing that ours is an unusual life.