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9:15 AM (Central Time): So, we were having a pretty good morning and were ready to go at 7:45. Elisabeth goes outside and comes back in a panic saying, "My bike is gone! Someone stole it! I thought we lived in a safe place!" I said, "Well, ride the other one, and we'll figure out what to do." She said the other one was gone too, and then it occurred to her that perhaps the bikes were in the back yard where she and her friend left them on Saturday. Of course, that's where they were.

Meanwhile, I was gathering up Sophie's backpack and blanket (not THE blankie--just one she uses for naps at school), which I had just washed. As I picked the blanket up, it still felt damp, and I was pondering that as I closed the (locked) door. I realized, as the door was closing, that I hadn't grabbed the keys, so I was locked out. Just about the same time, I was thinking to myself that the blanket shouldn’t be damp if I had washed it the night before. As I started to explore it, I saw a lovely wet spot on the top of her backpack and found the slightly yellow spot on her blanket. One of the cats had peed on both of them. Lovely. Just lovely. Sophie can't take her blanket or her backpack and I'm locked out of the house. (Did I mention that Randall is out of town? These things never happen to him!).

So, Elisabeth is trying to say calming things to me, and I'm trying not to panic but just think about what my options are. The school has a phone and a phone book, and if I can't find someone at church who has a key, I'll call a locksmith. Perhaps feeding off my mood (which I was trying very hard to control), Sophie was completely freaked out all the way to school about falling off her bicycle. She couldn't have been riding more slowly (which meant I could keep up with her for once), and she fussed constantly. At some point, I just told her she needed to pull it together, because I was too stressed to handle the constant whining. She managed to either stop or do it quietly enough that I couldn't hear her.

We get to school, park her bike and walk over to the kindergarten building. After I get her settled, I tell my sad tale to her teacher, who was just wonderful. First she suggested that I could certainly take Sophie back home and have her crawl through the window I had left open, but that sounded like a last resort to me. Then she set me up with a phone and a phone book. There was no answer at the first place I called. Then I called someone else who was home, but didn't have the key, but she gave me cell numbers for a couple of people who probably would have a key. The first one I tried answered, had a key, picked me up at school, and gave me a ride home.

The key worked, and all was right with the world. Except for the nasty blanket and backpack. I put them both in the washer and just pulled them out--good as new. I think I'll drop both off to Sophie when they are dry. And as Sophie's teacher pointed out, the rest of the day can only be better!


Susan - I'm sorry about your morning! This will make a great story for the girls to tell Randall. I agree, only when hubby is gone, does the washer break down, the car run out of gas or you lock your keys in the house! It just goes to show us that God's blessings are with us always!
Blessings -- Jmb

Susan,, I realize that your morning was very stressful and upsetting, but it made me giggle! I can just see it all happening! My first guess would be that the kitten is the guilty party to the wet backpack and blanket. I know that our kitten does naughty things all the time - especially chewing holes in the bags of cat food his and Socks! I will try to be very careful to pray the hedge of protection around you and the family at night before I go to sleep instead of when I get up in the morning. That should help! Take care. Love, Eileen

Susan, your life seems so interesting!! makes me long for the old days. Truly, people who do not have kids, don't have a clue of what life's about.....do they?!! I know your trials are more difficult than the normal, but you both handle it with such grace, you probably don't think that now, but when they're grown and gone you will realize what an outstanding job you did!! Love to hear your stories, love Lois Ann