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9:05PM (Texas time) Just a quick post so that everyone doesn't think we've fallen off the face of the earth. We've also been meaning to get pictures of Elisabeth's kitten (Felix) online. A while back we gave Elisabeth our old digital camera, and she's had a grand time taking pictures of the cats. Here's a sample of her work:


This is Felix, trying to take a nap--not a common sight around our home--kittens have lots of energy!


This is a more common pose for Felix--curious, that is!


Here's Sophie posing with Felix--poor cat, never gets any rest with our two girls around!

These last two are for our friend Shelli, who let us adopt her friend Hannah several years ago. Hannah is doing well and a big part of our family:



Things are going well here in Texas. We're all very busy, it seems. Sophie and Elisabeth had their first grading period end last week, and they both seem to be doing well in school (Elisabeth made all A's--Sophie's grades are different, because it's kindergarten, but I'm happy with where she's at).

We go to Lubbock on Friday for yet another check-up. We have every reason to believe that all continues to be well with Sophie's recovery, as we've noticed no warning signs up to now. In fact, Sophie seems to be thriving physically, getting taller and more mature all the time!


So glad to hear all is going well for your family. Hope everyone is enjoying school, church and all the new friends. Have a wonderful weekend! love and prayers Deanna

I'm sure Elisabeth's third grade teacher is the reason she is continuing to make all A's this year in fourth grade. You ought to give that lady a tiara. Just kidding. Glad to hear all is well. The cats are cute!!!

Hi to all and especially to the beautiful and mature young girls. Elisabeth will surely become a famous photographer of animals and Sophie will become a famous model with animals. Sophie certainly looks healthy and I pray she continues to be. Tell both girls "Hi" from Sassy. We love you and miss ya! PS Hide a key for next time!!!