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7:38 PM (CST) Not much new to post--Sophie finished her last round of antibiotics last week. She is now prescription-free for the first time since January of 2005! That means that we no longer have to keep track of what day it is and make sure she gets her medicine. It was a major milestone for us--we even had a ceremonial flushing of the last of the medicines that we all participated in. Sophie also went in for her monthly check-up this week and came back with a great report. Six months post-treatment and all seems to be well for Sophie (and the rest of us).


Congratulations! to all---I bet that was some sort of ceremony!! I hope you took pictures. We are wishing happiness and love to all in this special season. We hope your holiday is healthy and safe. Merry Christmas

That is such big news!! I am so thrilled for Sophie, and for all of you. I'll be keeping her in my prayers and hope that the good reports keep coming in. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, and all good things in the coming year.