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8:30 PM: Sophie had a good day today. Her sister was gone all day, so she had the whole house to herself. She played outside with Sabine, drawing on the driveway with chalk and swinging on the swings. We thought we were headed for another constipation problem (her last performance was Wednesday night), but she managed to make some progress in that area today. After insisting all day long that she did *not* have to poop, early this evening Sophie walked up to Randall and said, "Do I smell poopy?" She did. Fever and constipation are the two biggest things to watch for when she's on chemo. Her last at-home chemo for the week was tonight. Her next chemo will be on Tuesday through her spinal tap (Methotrexate), and then we'll do the Ara-C at home Wednesday through Saturday next week too.

Elisabeth was in a dance competition in Raleigh today, and they did a great job. They got first place in their category. It's actually hard for me to say how the group did, because I couldn't take my eyes off her. She's really becoming quite graceful, and I could see how well she was concentrating.

We got word from Haley's family that Haley (Elisabeth's friend from school who was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this week) came through surgery beautifully. The biopsy will take about a week, but the doctor said he was confident the tumor (which they were able to remove completely) was not malignant. Haley was talking soon after surgery (there was some concern that it might take several days for her to be able to speak again), and she may be able to go home as soon as Monday. We were certainly pleased to hear how well things are going.


I was pleased to read how well Elisabeth did in her competition she is so graceful Sophie seems to be having a very good weekend we are all glad to hear it god bless your family and we will pray for continued good news

Randall and Susan,

We have been keeping up with your family for about two weeks now. I put your web site into our "Favorites" and I read your comments about every other day. You all, especially Sophie, are always in our prayers.

All of us at Mountain View are happy to know where you are. Good wishes, Randall, in your ministry.

I'll keep in touch. God bless all of you.


I am pleased to hear that everyone had a wonderful day. I am delighted that Sophie was able to play outside today. It was very windy here today and NOT a good day to be outside for very long. Sophie has such a sweet nature that I am sure that Sabine had a wonderful day as well.
It is wonderful that Elisabeth and her dance group did so well in the competition. I would have loved to have seen her dance. It is such a special thing to watch children grow and develop in their poise, self control, and motions. She has come a long way since learning to walk! I do hope you took some pictures.
Thanks for the update on Haley. I continue to lift her and her family up in prayer as often as the Lord brings them to mind. Sophie and Haley remind me of my early days in nursing - 35 years ago now! I can't say that all of the memories are positive. It amazes me that most of the chemotherapy agents are still the same for Sophie as they were way back then. It does my grandmother's heart good to know that we in the medical field have at least progressed in our humanitarian approach to these little people. We might have given the kids a little pheonbarbitol or chloral hydrate before their bone marrows and spinal taps, but I have vivid memories of not such nice times in the treatment room on 4 Medical. Prasie the Lord Sophie will not have those same memories!
Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen