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5:45 PM: Sophie got to go to church today for the first time since her diagnosis. A few people said they didn't even recognize her with her fashionable new haircut (perhaps I should consider a new profession!). Elisabeth had a few behavior problems during church, but for the most part, we did very well. Sabine was overcome with emotion seeing her brother lead a worship service for the first time. For those of us who knew him before he made the decision to go into ministry, it is an amazing sight to see him up there.

Sabine took Elisabeth to see a movie this afternoon while Sophie took a nap, and when they got home, Sabine took the girls outside to play. They had a picnic dinner in the driveway, but the mosquitos chased us inside. (Is it that time of year already?). We'll all head out to bible study shortly, and afterwards, Randall and I are going out to dinner. I've really been looking forward to that.


Praise the Lord that you and Randall will be able to have a little alone time. Perhaps you can repeat that when I get there too. I do hope that you had a wonderful time.
I can tell you that in my area of VA it is NOT mosquito season yet. I will have to bring some citranella candles! The sun was bright and warm this afternoon, but then the clouds came rolling in and the temperature dropped again. I am looking forward to a little warmer weather. Maybe the grils and I can even plant some tomato plants or flowers for you.
Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen

We are so glad to hear that everyone had a good weekend. My youngest daughter, Sara Katherine, is in Sophie's daycare class. When I got home Friday she told me "I played with Sophie today. Sophie getting better." Thank you so much for bringing her by to see the children. We also know Haley's family and are praying for your family and hers. We pray for continued good news for both of you. Thanks for the updates, we read them daily.