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3/21/05 9:30

9:30 AM: I just wrote an update containing some details of Elisabeth's accidents to my friends at work, so I'll paste it in here for those of you who are curious.

As if we didn't have enough stress in our lives, our older daughter Elisabeth (6 going on 3, apparently) has injured herself. While Randall and I were in Fayetteville having dinner together last night, Elisabeth and Sophie were staying with my stepmother Eileen. Eileen was in the kitchen preparing "hopcorn" and not moving quickly enough to suit Elisabeth, who wanted to start the DVD player. Elisabeth decided that since she couldn't reach the remote control, it would be a good idea to climb up into the armoire and push the buttons on the DVD player. She was holding on to the TV (30" and quite front-heavy) for balance, and it began to tip out. She couldn't keep it from falling, and it fell on top of her. Eileen called us, we cut dinner short, drove home, and took her to the local emergency room. She is quite bruised above her left knee and on her left ankle (she can't put any weight on it), and she broke her left pinky. We'll call an orthopedist today to arrange a follow-up appointment. We're hoping her foot feels better very soon so she can get back to school (she's missing a field trip today). Perhaps we can point to this example the next time we tell her to quit doing something because she might get hurt! Every now and then we do know what we're talking about.

Sophie's doing pretty well. She seemed more tired than normal yesterday--her counts are probably dropping. Tomorrow, she'll go to clinic for a spinal tap (chemo, methotrexate, in her spinal fluid), IV chemo (vincristine), and a chemo shot in each thigh (aspariginase). Should be a fun day.

Needless to say, between last night and the night before, we're all feeling a little sleep-deprived.


As they say, never a dull moment! Especially with children around. Glad to hear that Elisabeth only has a broken finger. It could have been much worse. You know that they have what we call at our house "selective hearing". They select what to hear and what not to. So when you say, "Don't do that or you will get hurt." they seem not to hear it. But if you say "the cookies are ready", they magically appear. I know it must have scared everyone. Hope Sophie is feeling better today and maybe you can have a quiet day today before the busy day tomorrow. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Wow you have had an exciting weekend not one you will soon forget we are sorry to hear about Elisabeth hope she mends quickly and i will be praying for you at the appointment tomorrow god bless Dawn