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Thursday AM (3/10/05)

11:50AM (Randall posting) Sophie is having a pretty good morning. She's chipper as usual and took her medicine well. Our major excitement of the week is that Sophie's counts are strong enough that we can take her out in public. Susan took the girls out to dinner last night (I was in class) and tonight we have our Family Night at church. We are *really* looking forward to having us all be together at Family Night. By next Tuesday, her counts will likely be low enough that we'll need to keep her inside again for three weeks. Now is the time to go out and do stuff!


Our family keeps up with Sophie's progress daily. My daughter Kaylee was in the Sophie's class at Daycare. She still talks about Sophie and misses playing with her. I have another daughter the same age as Elisabeth. The other day when you wrote about your girls playing dress up, it reminded me of my two. They love to dress each other up. My oldest loves to see how silly she can dress Kaylee up. Please know that we keep Sophie and your whole family in our prayers daily. I was so glad to hear that Sophie is doing well enough to go out in public for a few days. I know you all are looking forward to it. I was wondering if it would be OK to send Sophie something it the mail from Kaylee (maybe some new books or art stuff). If that would be OK please email me your address. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys.