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Wednesday PM (3/9/05)

8:00 PM: Sophie hasn't had any more problems with nausea or vomiting today (but she had been on zofran the whole time, so that has probably helped). Our home health care company didn't have any available nurses to help us out, so they arranged a nurse from another company to come. She was very helpful and spent quite a while with us. She works in another county but lives just up the road. I didn't have any trouble administering the chemo, and she held Sophie's hands while I changed Sophie's chest dressing (it's very upsetting to her when we pull the old one off). Sophie's starting to get diaper rash again, so we'll really have to stay on top of changing her diapers frequently. It's also important to do that as her body gets rid of the chemo.

We heard today that a little girl named Haley (a friend of Elisabeth's in her class at school) was diagnosed yesterday with a brain tumor (on her cerebellum). Haley's mother Laura posted a comment here on the weblog on March 6 to let us know how much Haley and her family were thinking of us. When I called the hospital today, she sounded like they were handling things really well. Haley will have surgery tomorrow morning to do a biopsy and determine whether it's cancer or not. It sounds like there's a good chance it's not, which would be wonderful news. It's so overwhelming to find out about such a serious problem so quickly. With both of us, we started one morning thinking we were taking our kids to the doctor for some routine, harmless problem, and by the end of the day, our lives changed.

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Just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know we have been keeping all of you in our many thoughts and prayers. Little Sophie is so fortunate to have such loving parents and big sister; and you guys are fortunate to have Little Sophie. You are doing a fantastic job with the care you give at home. Tell Elisabeth that she is being a great big sis and that keeping Sophie occupied helps her to feel better. We'll keep in touch and stay posted. "God won't always remove the darkness, but he will accompany us through it"
-written by: Elder Robert D. Hales.

I just wanted to post a note to say I have been thinking of you guys. I am glad Sophie is doing well on the Zofran. It is no fun to have a sick tummy. Please let me know if there is anything you need (food, shopping, child-care, etc). Remember, the offer to help doesn't expire. God Bless.

So glad to hear that Sophie is tolerating the chemo better and the nurse was helpful. Give Sophie a hug and kiss from everyone at daycare. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers and will pray for Haley and her family.