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Tuesday (3/1/05)

11:30 PM: It's been a good, uneventful, day (that's part of what made it good!). We had car problems (again), and took the car in for repairs (this time here in Dunn instead of in Durham). Sophie was concerned all day about the car being "sick." When we picked up the car, she asked whether the car was "all better." Then she wanted to know if the car got a tail (that's what we call her catheter). What a sweetheart! Interestingly, last night the girls took the first bath together. Sophie has been so sensitive about her chest that she didn't want Elisabeth to be in there with her. But last night, Elisabeth joined Sophie during the last part of her bath. The girls were playing, and Elisabeth was pretending she also had a tail, and she told Sophie to be careful about splashing because she didn't want their tails to get wet. Elisabeth has been doing a great job as big sister and is very empathetic. She has a really hard time when Sophie gets upset about something. Hearing Sophie cry seems to bring about a combination of emotions (worry, fear, jealousy), and of course, it's hard to comfort two kids simultaneously. We think that, sometimes, Elisabeth just needs to have a good cry. Don't we all!