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Wednesday 6:00 (3/2/05)

6:00 PM: We took care of a few medical procedures for Sophie today. We flushed her line (injected saline solution and then heparin to prevent the line from clotting--we do this three times per week), and we changed the dressing covering her catheter. This process is incredibly upsetting to Sophie, especially when we have to take the old covering off. Susan got everything ready while Cindy gave her a bath. Then Susan quickly took care of the dressing change while Cindy held Sophie's hands and tried to calm her (no easy feat). It gets quicker every time we do it, but she doesn't seem to be getting any more comfortable with it, probably partly because she just doesn't like her chest to be uncovered for that long. Once it was over, she was back to her normal, happy self.

She's been so in touch with her emotions lately. Yesterday, when Susan was kissing and tickling Sophie, she stopped and said "I love to laugh!" Today, Cindy was pushing her on the swing outside (which she loves), and she said, "I am happy!" She has recently sidled over to each of us (including Cindy) and said, "I love you." How amazing and wonderful!