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Wednesday 7 (3/9/05)

7:30 AM: Sophie's having some trouble tolerating the new chemo she took yesterday. She vomited twice last night. The first time, we heard her retching and ran in. Luckily, we were able to get a trash can in time. We put it under her chin, and she sweetly said, "I'm okay" and threw up a second later. Her heart was racing. We have some strong anti-nausea medicine for her to take, but she had only gotten it through her IV before, and what we have is by mouth. We weren't sure how effective that would be if she was actively throwing up. The doctor said that since she had already gone back to sleep, we should let her sleep but that if she threw up again or seemed uncomfortable, we should try giving it to her. When she threw up the second time, we gave her the medicine, and we haven't heard a peep from her since. That was around 5:00, and the medicine can be given every eight hours. She was very sweet and perky about the whole thing, and she didn't seem the least bit upset. We're thankful that the medicine she took isn't due agan for another month, and we hope that the new medicines (Mercaptopurine and Ara-C) she's taking daily over the next couple of weeks won't make her too uncomfortable.