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7:40 PM: Sophie and I hung out at home this morning while Randall and Elisabeth headed off to church. Randall felt like his sermon went well, and Elisabeth got lots of compliments on her new haircut. Randall's had a bad headache all day, so it's been a quiet day at home. The girls and I played outside for about an hour while Randall went to Bible study tonight. They play so well together, and Elisabeth has a great imagination. Sophie fell a couple of times but doesn't seem any worse for the wear.


Susan, It was not I who sent the gifts to the girls. But...I think you are allowed a brief lapse in memory! Your attention is on your family and the amount of other work you can get done.

Randall, I hope your headaches aren't frequent or debilitating. Carry on. I would love to hear you preach.

You are still all in my prayers. Both your girls sound like troopers.