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8:40 PM: Randall and Sophie were together at home today while I went to work (Randall skipped his one class today--too tired for the drive to only be there for an hour). The home health care nurse came today to draw blood and helped Randall change Sophie's dressing (traumatic, as always). The nurse practitioner from the clinic called to say that although most of Sophie's counts are up (so she doesn't need any transfusions), her ANC is still just under where it needs to be to begin the next 28 days of treatment (the level is .6, but it needs to be .75). Because this next phase of treatment doesn't involve any spinal taps (which have to be done in clinic on Tuesdays when the anesthesiologist is there), they want us to bring her in early on Wednesday. They'll do another blood test, and if the ANC is high enough, they will administer the scheduled dose of chemo, and we can begin the injections we give her at home. What they'll be giving her at clinic this week is Cytoxan--this is the one that can cause kidney damage, so we have to be there all day so they can get her hydrated and keep an eye on her (assuming we don't have to turn around and come home because her ANC is still too low).

We took advantage of Sophie's higher ANC count to go out to dinner at Cracker Barrel (if it's above .5, the risk of infection isn't as high). We really enjoyed ourselves and have had a nice evening.


Susan, I am just catching up with the last few days of Sophie news, and noticed that you were shopping for fresh-roasted coffee. I have found an excellent place out in California that fresh roasts coffee to order and ships very quickly. They are also quite inexpensive (as far as gourmet coffee goes) and carry organic coffee. Here is a link if you want to check them out:
I buy 20 pounds at a time to make use of the free shipping for 20lbs or more, and put bags in the freezer (they also give you a pound free if you buy so many pounds). It works well, although it can take up a lot of freezer space! At any rate, hope you found some good coffee, and hope all is going well at your home.

Oops! Here is a better link:



Sophie I hope you are feeling better. I pray for you. You are on my prayer list. Elisabeth when can you come to my house? I like your haircut, it really looks like Kit. And mine too. I prayed for you too. Love Haley