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9:53 PM (Randall posting): We all had a really good day today. Mom, Susan, Elisabeth and I went together to church, while Sophie stayed home with Ms Dawn from day care. After church, we all had lunch (pasta) and we all had "quiet rest" or napped. Sophie napped on the couch, which is where she usually takes naps these days.

We played this afternoon and I cleaned up the new office in the parsonage. Sophie enjoyed walking in and out of the office, although she insisted on wearing shoes while she did it. Elisabeth and Sophie had a tea party and otherwise had a great time playing and interacting. Now that Sophie's verbal skills are getting so strong, they occasionally play very well together.

Susan and I had Bible study at church this evening while the girls stayed at home with Oma. The major excitement for the evening was that Sophie apparently pitched the biggest fit about going to bed. She kept insisting that she needed to go to bed on the couch, but Oma didn't fall for it--she's tried that on Susan and me a few times, but it doesn't work on us either! The girls are now sleeping soundly. No matter how much they fight going to bed, they always seem to lose!

Tomorrow will be a big day for us. Elisabeth sees the orthopedist tomorrow afternoon (her hand still seems to be bothering her some, but her foot seems fine). Sophie will get a blood draw tomorrow and if her counts are not high enough (ANC > 0.75), we will wait a week for the next treatment. Our next clinic visit will be a major one, so nobody will be disappointed if we have to wait another week!