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8:00 PM: We were very brave today. Since Sophie didn't have chemo yesterday (and therefore wasn't likely to encounter any health problems), I decided to go to work so I could attend some meetings in person, while Randall went to class all day. Elisabeth was at school, so Karin tended to Sophie all day (and managed to get a lot done around the house as well!). They had a good day, and Sophie felt well. They played outside in the morning, and Sophie took a 2.5-hour nap this afternoon. The girls are watching a movie while they polish off some birthday cake I brought home from work. It is wonderful to have so much help and support around the house. We really need to work on getting a nanny to watch Sophie while we try to work at home during the day.


Hey! Just wanted to let you know how happy we are
that Sophie feels like getting outside to play in this beautiful spring weather. Sounds like she is tiring out but then catching up on some much needed rest too. Bless Her Heart!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Give both girls a big hug from us kinfolk and know that we have youall in our hearts.

I am so glad to hear that Sophie has felt well enough to be outside enjoying this weather. We all wish her well and hope that she continues to feel good and maybe she will be able to come by again and visit us soon (while we are outside ) i know all the children would enjoy that (as well as ms maria and myself of course) take care and give Sophie a hug and kiss from us
Ms Dawn