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7:45 PM (Randall posting): We've had a good day today. Susan left early this morning to get in some good hours at work. Elisabeth spent the day at school and I spent the day running errands (hair cut, oil change, car wash, post office, paying bills--funny how I don't feel like I've accomplished much today). Oma tended to Sophie (Princess Sophie as Her Royal Highness is now accustomed to being addressed) and straightened up around the house. We picked up a pizza for dinner and after dinner we all went for a walk on the dirt path next to the house. Sophie enjoyed getting out doing things and although she is quite pale and weak-looking (especially with her ever-thinning hair), I'm sure it is good for her to do things like going out for walks.

Thanks to all of you for posting your encouraging comments. It means a great deal to us that people are checking in every now and then and remembering our family. Blessings!


Hi guys. Sorry to be slow in responding. It's good to know that you are having "normal" days, and Sophie is handling her chemo well. Please know that y'all have been in our prayers here in Nashville, and let us know if you need anything.