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10:20 PM: We're enjoying our last full day with Oma. Sophie seems to be feeling well, and we decided to go out for drive-through fast food for lunch while Randall and Elisabeth were at school. Randall and I had plans to go out to dinner together tonight, but when it was time to go, Elisabeth pitched a major fit and didn't want us to leave her (that made Sophie upset too, so we had two hysterical kids). Instead of leaving that second like we should have, we tried to comfort them, which made it worse. Sophie didn't stay upset for long, but Elisabeth was just beside herself. We ended up leaving in one of her quieter moments, but we felt terribly guilty (even though we knew we were doing the right thing by going--any other decision would have sent the wrong message). Of course, just minutes after we left, Karin had them laughing and having a picnic on the living room floor, so we then felt free to enjoy ourselves (which we did!).