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8:30 PM (Randall posting): Friday at last! I'll even take Friday the 13th! This has been my first week post-semester and it has not been very productive, other than taking care of little odds and ends and spending more quality time with my girls. Sophie and I went to Fayetteville today so I could meet with the District Superintendent. Sophie entertained the Administrative Assistant (thoroughly) while I had my meeting. They blew bubbles and Sophie chattered away the whole time (I heard her).

This is one of those situations where Sophie's outgoing nature is a wonderful thing. She had never met these people before (or only met them briefly) and yet she was perfectly comfortable visiting with them for 30 minutes or so while I was in the other room. The weather cooled off some today, so there was not much outside time.

After nap we went to pick Elisabeth up at school, where I discovered that Elisabeth had taken something to school (money) that I told her not to. Elisabeth knew right away that she was in serious trouble, which she was, and I told her as much, but she cried and cried and cried. Sophie always gets very, very upset when Elisabeth is upset. Sometimes Sophie even gives Susan or me a very stern talking to when we're lecturing Elisabeth about something or other and today was no different. Anyway, let's just say that I hope Elisabeth learned a valuable lesson about honesty today. I'm sure Sophie will need to learn that lesson some day as well.

I don't know if all the high drama was too much for Sophie, but she's been pretty cranky all night. Maybe she's just tired and worn out. She seems to be doing great, but I suppose we don't always know what she's feeling. We'll find out Monday how her counts are looking.


Love to All,
I can full believe that Sophie told you to not speak to Elisabeth in "that tone" of voice. I believe that she most likely also told you to not be rude too. I have heard her tell both of you that even when you haven't even spoken a word!
It is a special gift from the Lord that Sophie has been given with her outgoing personality. I believe the only friends she doesn't have are those with whom she has not yet had contact. I believe that the Lord has given Sophie the ability to bless and be a blessing to others.
If it was anything like here today, it was significantly cooler today than yesterday. I am sure it was in the mid 80's yesterday when I was trying to till the garden and today when I left home it was most likely in the fifty's and not predicted to get a whole lot warmer. I think they are also calling for scattered thunder showers too. I am hoping that the rains hold off until I get the plants and seeds in the ground. My time has been limited at home lately, so it is important to me to be able to get the yard things done with the little time that I have. I had to have the guy who services my garden tractors come on Tuesday to put one of the belts back on the mowing deck because it came off after using it one time. I tried for an hour to get it back on myself and gave up in frustration. I didn't have enough strength to get the belt over the pully. I have more bruises from trying than I bet Sophie does! I am certain that the Celebrex helps increase the bruising too.
Have a wonderful Saturday. Hugs and Kisses all around. Love, Eileen